Samba de Gafieira Pass (April) 2024


Samba de Gafieira course starting – 2nd April (Tuesday) 2024 – Limited spots

Early bird $83 till March 27th 2024, after this date $93

Tuesday’s 8.40PM – Register now

1 hour per week

2nd April – 8.40pm

9th April – 8.40pm

16th April – 8.40pm

23rd April – 8.40pm

30th April – 8.40pm

Come along and try something new, these dance classes are for complete beginners, even if you have never danced. You can come alone or bring your partner along with you, we will be rotating partners during the class unless you want to stay with your own partner.

Come along and learn how to dance


No refunds

12 in stock